Automotive Seat Belt Repairs

The seat belt is a key safety aspect of your vehicle, you want it to perform at its peak when needed most.  

A damaged seat belt is also illegal and may attract a Vehicle Improvement notice (yellow sticker).

Aircraft Interiors is approved by the Western Australian Government – Department of Transport, to carry out repairs to automotive seat belts. 

We only use materials that have been tested to meet Australian design standards, and combined with strict quality control and proven procedures you can drive away 100% sure that your seat belt is safe.

Your Safety is our First Concern.


Re-webbing seat belts is the term we use for replacing the webbing in your seat belt assembly.  Your existing buckles and tongues are kept, we remove the old webbing and replace with new.  In most cases re-webbing will fix the following problems…

  • Fraying or other damage to the webbing
  • Belts that are slow to retract

Centrally located in Bassendean, we can re-web your seat belt while you wait or have ready for pick up later in the same day.  If you intend to wait, please give us a call to make an appointment.

Our staff are well trained and work to procedures when re-webbing your seat belt.  Every repair is logged and certified to ADR4 requirements.

See below for more information...

Our Prices

(Eftpos facilities available)
Inertia Reel or Lap Sash $125.00 inc. gst
Lap Belt $75.00 inc. gst
Webbing Buckle $45 inc. gst
Labour to Remove and Re-install in your car
For most vehicles this will cost $60 inc. gst

*Some vehicles may cost more depending on where and how the belt mechanism is located. We will advise you if this is the case before proceeding.

Replacement belts and Hardware

We stock a variety of seat belt assemblies, buckles and installation hardware, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



  • My seat belt is slow to return / retract?

Usually means the webbing has become stiff with use and age and this slows it down when it has to roll over the fittings and then roll up on itself.

Re-webbing the belt fixes the problem in most cases.


  • My seat belt webbing is damaged, frayed, chewed by dog, cut?

Provided the webbing is still intact we will be able to re-web your seat belt and it will be like new.

*Sometimes if the webbing is cut all the way through, the mechanism can break and will not be repairable.

  • How long does it take?

We can usually repair a seat belt while you wait once you have made an appointment; If you have already taken the seat belt out of the car, it should take us just 20-30 minutes to have it done for you, OR If we are removing and re-installing the repaired belt it will take around 1 hour per belt depending on the car type.

You are welcome to relax in our air-conditioned waiting room while your belt is being repaired.  There is plenty of room for kids too.

  • Seat belt colours

We have a range of common colours and should be able to closely match your existing belt.

  • My seat belt does not pull out or retract at all? 

The mechanism may be broken and will not be repairable, or there simply may be a twist or snag behind the cars trim panels.

Please contact us to discuss and determine the problem, or bring the car in for us to have a look.

  • Do you sell new seat belts?

We stock a range of generic seat belts, and we can source seat belts from parts suppliers.  On most occasions, we need to see the car or seat belt to correctly identify the best replacement.

We also carry hardware for installation of new belts, such as anchor plates and bolts.

  • The airbag has gone off and my belt won’t work?

The seat belt is sometimes linked to the airbags, and if the airbag is deployed the belt has a small detonator to provide fast tension.  Once this has been activated the belt must be replaced with a new one from the car manufacturer.

  • Posting a seat belt?

Seat belts fitted with detonators that are linked to airbags are not able to be posted or Couriered by air.

Seat belts without the detonator can be shipped by any means, but please package them well to avoid damage.

  * Contact us if in any doubt.

  • How do I get my seat belt repaired?

Contact us to make an appointment, or feel free to drop off your car or seat belt for pick up at a later time.